More chocolate for the long weekend?

If your child is selling chocolate and you would like an additional case (or more!) to sell over this long weekend, please send a note in your child’s planner and we would be happy to send extra home.

We have had great feedback that the Laura Secord chocolate sells easily. Laura Secord offers premium quality, certified peanut-free and nut-free chocolate that is made in Canada.  All products are made fresh to ensure enjoyment. Each carry box contains 30 assorted chocolate treats to be sold at $3.00 each, and Keatsway receives 50% from every treat that is sold.

Don’t forget about the great prizes! Each oldest or only student gets a raffle ticket for for every 15 chocolate bars sold; every 5 Fresh from the Farm bundles sold; and every $25 in donations collected. Plus, there are top seller prizes, and classroom prizes!

Thanks, Keatsway! Together we can make a difference!

If you have any questions, please email School Council at or call the school office (519-886-1650) to leave a message for us.

Thank You,

Your Volunteer Parent School Council

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