Clubs and Athletics

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Morning announcements and coaches/teacher contacts are the primary sources of information about our Keatsway activities. A weekly schedule is posted outside the library for students to check for updates. The Clubs & Athletics web page is updated as time and resources permit.




Track and Field is starting!

High Jump Practices – Practices begin promptly at 8:15. Students need to meet at the front doors of the school with gym clothes, indoor running shoes, long hair tied back and jewelry removed. Students are not able to go to the classrooms or hooks to gather items. Contact teachers: Mme Bentz

  • Tues. May 9 Grade 5
  • Wed. May 10 Grade 6
  • Thurs. May 11 Grade 4
  • Tues. May 16 Grade 5
  • Wed. May 17 Grade 6
  • Thurs. May 18 Grade 4
  • Wed. May 24 Grade 5
  • Thurs. May 25 Grade 6
  • Fri. May 26 Grade 4

Relay Teams – starting June 1-June 14 at nutrition breaks for select students. Contact teachers: Mr. Craig, Mme Jakubowski, Mme Shortt

Tug of War Teams – starting June 1-June 14 for select students. Contact teachers: TBD

Running Long Jump and Standing Long Jump Practices – starting June 1-June 14. Contact teachers: Mme Jakubowski and Mr. Tinning

Softball Throw Practices – starting June 1-June 14. Contact teacher: Mlle Amaral

Running Club – Thank you Mrs. Kent, Mme Trushinski and Mr. Tinning and all the students who participated in the Running Club this fall. Running Club is over now.

Girls and Boys Volleyball – Thank you Mme Bentz, Mme Trushinski, Mme Shortt, Ms. Lichti and Mr. McIntyre for coaching volleyball this year.

Clubs & Committees

Mine Craft Club – Is open to grade 4-6 students and meets on Day 5 second nutrition break, outside part. Contact Teachers: Mlle Amaral, Mrs. Briscoe

Colour/Sketch/Doodle Club – Meets on Day 1 and Day 3, often both nutrition breaks. Students are asked to check the schedule posted each week outside the library. Contact teacher is Ms. Lichti

Junior Intramurals  – Day 3 and 5 first nutrition break outside part. A variety of games will be played in the gym. Interested students are asked to sign up and will be placed on a team. Teacher Contacts:

Free The Children Club – Meets on Day 2 in D3 (Ms. Jackson’s room) Teacher Contacts: Ms. Jackson, Mrs. Tracy and Mr. Tinning

Recorder Club – Meets on Day 4 second break.  Teacher Contact: Mr. Duff

Keatsway Choir – Meets on Day 2. Other days depending on need. Listen to the announcements.  Teacher Contact: Ms. Stinson

Coding Club – Grade 3/4 coding club met earlier in the year. Grade 5/6 meets on Day 1 second nutrition break in the lab/gym. Teacher contacts: Mr. Craig, Ms. Lichti

Ga Ga Ball – Started. Listen to announcements.  Usually Day 2 first nutrition break. Teacher Contact: Mme Jakubowski