Clubs and Athletics

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Morning announcements and coaches/teacher contacts are the primary sources of information about our Keatsway activities. A weekly schedule is posted outside the library for students to check for updates. The Clubs & Athletics web page is updated as time and resources permit.



CONGRATULATIONS to our Running Club members for a wonderful season!

Girls’ Volleyball Team:  Grade 5 & 6 students come on out and play for the team with Mme. Bentz and Mme. Trushinski.                                                          Morning practices are Tuesdays at 8:15am sharp in October and then Tuesdays and Thursdays in November.

Boys’ Volleyball Team: Grade 5 & 6 students come on out and play for the team with Mr. McIntyre, Mrs. Litchi and Mr. Craig.                                                 Morning practices are Wednesdays at 8:15am sharp in October.

**Check schedules sent home by coaches for added dates for practices and games.  GO CARDINALS!


Intramural Volleyball and Basketball will start up in the gym on Day 1 and Day 3 during 1st Nutrition Break.  Listen to announcements for more information.

Clubs & Committees

Free The Children Club – Meets on Day 2 in D3 (Ms Jackson’s room) Teacher Contacts: Ms Jackson and Mrs Tracy

Chess Club -Meets with Mme Jakubowski every week on Day 3 during second Nutrition Break.

French Club – Meets with M. Duff and Mme Amaral every week on Day 4 during second Nutrition Break in the library.

Choir: Meets with Mrs VanderBurgh every week on Day 2 during 1st Nutrition Break in the library.

NEW!!!! Creative Writing Club: Meets every Tuesday and Thursday, in the library, during 2nd Nutrition Break with Mrs Sunday.