Only 7 More Volunteers Needed for Oktoberfest Fundraiser!!

Urgent call for volunteers!

Keatsway School Council has committed to helping the Lion’s Club of Kitchener with their evening Oktoberfest parking for the next two weekends. In turn, they will donate $1500 to our playground fund. We need 7 more adult volunteers to sign up ASAP to ensure we don’t lose this opportunity. Each evening is a three hour time commitment and there are two evenings left to choose from. Please consider signing up for one evening (or even two evenings). This is a simple way for us to raise a good amount of money (to put it into perspective, we would have to sell 1000 chocolate bars to make the same profit). Below is the link for the online sign up.!/showSignUp/508054ca5ab22a3f58-oktoberfest1