Picking up . . . Dropping Off Students

Parents picking students up at nutrition break #1 and after school are reminded to pay close attention to the clearly posted ‘No Stopping’ signs. It is important that our crossing areas are kept clear so that all traffic can be seen. The Waterloo Regional Police are prepared to issue tickets to cars stopping in no stopping zones on Keats Way and Karen Walk. There is ample parking on Keats Way west of Karen Walk.

We request that parents make arrangements to pick up and/or drop students off at places other than the parking lot. Please obey signs at the entrance to the parking lot. Large numbers of students travel through this area at entry and dismissal times and their safety is a primary concern.


Adult safety patrols are situated at Amos Avenue/Keats Way and in front of the school on Keats Way. A student patrol is at the corner of Keats Way and Karen Walk. We would ask that parents discuss with their children the importance of cooperating with the patrols.


For those children who ride their bicycles to school, racks are provided where bicycles must be placed and locked. The school is not responsible for bicycles and their accessories. The bicycles are considered an out of bounds area at nutrition breaks. Students are expected to walk their bicycles on and off school property. Our strong preference is that students below Grade 3 not ride their bikes to school. Children who bike to school are legally required to wear a helmet.

Skateboards and rollerblades are NOT permitted at the school for safety and storage reasons.

Pets: Due to health and safety issues, we ask that pets not be on school property at all during the school day.

Valuable Possessions such as electronic items and money should be left at home. We cannot guarantee the safety of these items.


Please label all items of outer clothing, gym clothes, boots, shoes, etc. Encourage your child to check the Lost and Found regularly.


We are always looking for volunteers at Keatsway to assist teachers in classrooms and for our Breakfast Club.! A volunteer information meeting is held towards the end of September, and volunteer placements are organized by early October and throughout the year as the need for volunteers are identified. Volunteer jobs, as directed by teachers, include reading with individual and small groups of students, helping students with tasks, photocopying and preparing learning materials. Our volunteers contribute greatly to our school and we value their services immensely!



Every year, several students and staff are identified as having allergies, some life threatening, to peanuts and peanut products. We ask that no lunch and snack foods, baking and treats, containing peanuts, be sent to school. Foods containing peanuts and nuts are best left as snacks at home.


We ask that parents, visitors, staff and students refrain from wearing perfumes and other products with scents. We have students and staff in our building who are extremely sensitive to perfumes and scents, and can suffer from asthmatic reactions