When your child/children arrives late, a responsible adult must sign them in at the main office.

A student is late when arrival occurs after classes have begun, i.e. 9:20 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. Late arrivals from an appointment (doctor, dentist, etc.) are considered as late to school.

When your child arrives late he/she is to report to the office so that we are made aware of the child’s arrival. If late arrival becomes a problem a phone call will be made home to ensure that parents are aware of a child’s late arrival.  In extreme circumstances a Board attendance officer may become involved.


Your child(ren) require written consent to:

  • take medication at school (We can only administer prescription medication and it must be in the original container.)
  • be away from school for an extended period of time (5 days or more)
  • participate in some special activities


519 886-1650 or

Regular attendance is important for the continuing development of each child’s education program. From time to time, illness or other emergencies prevent students from attending school. When your child will not be at school because of illness or for other reasons, you must telephone the school before classes begin. Please dial 519 886-1650  and leave your message on the answering machine. Simply explain that your child will not be at school and state the reason. For your convenience, a magnet with the attendance number will be provided.


If your child becomes ill in the course of the day, we will try to contact you. We would ask that you arrange for someone to come to the school and take him/her home or to the doctor. Please be sure to contact the school if you have a change of phone number or babysitter. It is very important to have up-to-date information in case of emergencies. It is an expectation at Keatsway that children who are well enough to come to school are also well enough to go outside for some fresh air during fitness breaks. We do not have the supervision arrangements to keep children inside at these times.