Volunteers needed to make the Winter Marketplace the best shop in town!

Hello Keatsway families,


The Keatsway Winter Market is fast approaching!  It will be on Tuesday, December 5th, from 5-8 pm.  The Free The Children group will be running a bake sale at the market, with proceeds going to both our playground fund and our new snack program.  Hopefully you have already seen their request for food donations and have put that on your to-do list!  In speaking with the organizers of the bake sale, we came up with an idea:  have school council sell drinks at the market!  Nothing like a nice cup of cocoa or cider (or coffee for parents!) to put you in the mood to come out shopping on a winter’s night.  As I’m busy keeping the “market” running that night, I wondered if there was anyone who would be interested in helping run a drink stand.  Give me an email (jenn_mckinnon@rogers.com) if you have any interest in helping with the drink stand:  responses from “yes, I’ll take care of everything to make it happen” to “I could help sell drinks for an hour that night” and everything in between are welcome!  Older kids are also welcome to help.
Speaking of kids, another idea we had was to provide a supervised play area so that parents can shop in peace while their kids can eat their bake sale treats and then burn off their energy!  If you know of someone (either adult or responsible teenager) that would be willing to donate their babysitting abilities to our market, please have them contact me!
Lastly, even without those additional actions, I’ll be needing a few volunteers throughout the 5th.  During the day, I need help from 1:30-3:30 getting the tables set up and in place for vendors.  From 3:30-5 I need help directing vendors to their tables and setting up our school council events (raffle, drinks, babysitting if relevant).  And lastly, during the event school council will be raffling off items that have been donated by our vendors.  If you can help supervise the raffle (either the entire night, or only part of it) please let me know.  And then when the night is over, we’ll need to clean up so that the gym is ready for our kids the next morning!
So, in summary, I am looking for volunteers to:
(a) organize drink sales for the market
(b) help set-up tables on December 5th from 1:30-3:30
(c) help set-up council activities on December 5th from 3:30-5
(d) help vendors set up on December 5th from 3:30-5
(e) help run the raffle from 5-8
(f) help sell drinks from 5-8
(g) help babysit from 5-8
(h) help clean up from 8-9:30pm
(Wow, that’s a long list once I type it out!)  If you or someone you know can help with any of these tasks, please email me at jenn_mckinnon@rogers.com or at keatswaymarket@gmail.com.
–Jennifer McKinnon