Keatsway PS promotes wellness in all forms

On February 22, Keatsway Public School had a lot of fun promoting student well-being at their Wellness Day event. A variety of activities and speakers showcased different ways we can practice health and wellness. Teachers also got in on the action with their own wellness activity lead by a trained happiness coach.

“We truly care about each and every one that enters our building each day,” says Penny Miller, Principal of Keatsway PS. “Our goal is to have happy, healthy teachers that are able to provide a strong instructional program for our students. We want our students to know they are cared for, feel safe and are happy in our building so that they can learn to the best of their ability. Creating a culture of wellness is one of the most important things we can do!”

Students participated in activities that covered a variety of wellness topics such as mental and physical health, nutrition and even environmental well-being. Programming for the day included a meditation speaker, obstacle course, lessons on healthy snacks and craft projects.

Principal Miller hopes the students got a lot out the day’s activities. One important lesson was on mindfulness. Students talked about the science of the brain and how big emotions can make it difficult to learn and solve problems. Principal Miller explains that, “We learned about using mindfulness as a tool to help reset our brains and learn how to use different tools to calm down. The best tool, and the one we always have with us wherever we go, is out breath. Then we practiced different ways we can use our breath to help calm down and as exercises for our brain to be proactive and open to handling all of life’s challenges.”

Students and staff left their school day feeling great and equipped with tools to help them succeed in more school days to come.