Progressive Discipline

We provide supports and consequences to address inappropriate behaviour and to build upon strategies that promote positive behaviours. Consequences include learning opportunities for reinforcing positive behaviour and assisting pupils to make good choices.

Prevention and early intervention are important for assisting pupils to achieve their potential and for maintaining a positive school environment. A positive school environment is effected through our Four Agreements that focus on building healthy relationships, character development, and civic responsibility, which encourage positive participation from school community in the life of the school.

When a child has difficulty functioning within our Four Agreements, school staff and parents will cooperate to seek other supports and alternatives to meet the individual needs of the child. These interventions, supports and consequences will be developmentally appropriate and include opportunities for pupils to focus on improving their behaviour. Ongoing intervention strategies may include:

  • written work assignments addressing the behaviour, that have a learning component
  • review of expectations
  • contact with the pupil’s parent (s)/guardian(s)
  • oral reminders
  • reflection time
  • withdrawal of privileges
  • withdrawal from class
  • volunteer services to the school community
  • conflict mediation and resolution
  • peer mentoring
  • referral to counseling
  • restorative practices
  • suspension
  • expulsion

* Some behaviours may not allow for Progressive Discipline as they may be violent or racially motivated.

(Please refer to our Board’s Statement of Non Tolerance for those specific behaviours which may include suspension and/or expulsion).