Playground Construction Update

Beginning this week, Keatsway will be a very busy and exciting place for the remainder of the month. Construction crews and trucks have begun arriving to remove the primary playground (the blue & orange one), climbing dome, the surrounding sand and black borders. The junior playground (the red & blue one) will remain untouched. Any components from the removed playground which can be reused at other Board locations to replace or repair existing playgrounds will be salvaged and utilized. Keatsway will be reusing some of the black borders and sand to build a sandbox in the Kindergarten outdoor play space. Following the equipment removal, excavation of this area, plus the grassy area adjacent to portable 5 (where the swings used to be) will begin.
Beginning Tuesday May 22nd, our new playground and challenge circuit will be installed. This process is also expected to take 3-4 days. The new playground will be located in the same location as the removed playground and the challenge circuit will be installed adjacent to portable 5. The wood fibre ground cover is scheduled to be blown in on Monday May 28th (this is a half day process).
During this construction process, trucks and crews will be using the parking lot and tarmac area between the school and portables 1-4. Construction will pause during drop off, nutrition breaks, and pick up times. Please remind your children to be aware when on the tarmac and to look at the playground progress from a distance. It is important that we stay out of the construction area, both for everyone’s safety, but also to keep construction on track as we have a tight timeline.
Our official ribbon cutting and 40th Anniversary celebration will be held on Thursday May 31st from 4:30-7:00pm. If you would like a sneak peak of what the playground will look like, design photos will be posted on our Facebook page Keatsway Public School Parents. If you have any questions about the construction process, please email
Thank you so much to everyone who helped get us to this construction phase. All of our hard work is paying off and it is almost time to play!